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Jumping Castle

Our jumping castles come in a range of sizes starting at 4x4m. Check your desired choice on the Jumping Castles page to find out. There must be a height clearance of between 4m and 5m.

There will need to be at least a 1 metre radius around the castle for the blower and safety. We will examine the area and set up the jumping castle to avoid contact with damaging factors such as trees or walls.

Grass, concrete, pavers, dirt, asphalt. Please advise us on what kind of surface the jumping castle will be set up on so we can organise to hold it down with pegs or weights.

As long as the slope isn’t too steep. You can send us a photo of the area to determine if we can set up.

At least 1m wide pathway. Please ensure that water heaters and air conditioning units are not blocking access. Please advise if there are any steps as jumping castles are heavy and operator will need assistance.

No, as this can damage the inside of the castle and takes a long time to dry out. Our jumping castles are not made for water play use.

No, there should be no eating or drinking at any time as this may damage the castle as well as be choking hazards for the children.

No, as this can damage the vinyl material of the castle. Please avoid playing with this in or around the jumping castle.

It will take us 15-20 minutes

It will take us 20-25 minutes

The jumping castles are for daily hire. Bookings are to be completed 1 hour after sunset.

The jumping castle requires supervision by an adult at all times when in use. This is to ensure the children’s safety and correct use of the jumping castle.

Small bounce houses: 6-8 children

Medium combo castles: 8-10 children

Large combo castles: 10-12 children

Our jumping castles are currently only made for children. You will be liable for any damages made by adult usage.



Fresh face paint stains the material of the jumping castle. Please ensure all children’s faces are completely dry before they go back to jumping.

We will contact you on the day to discuss this matter, taking into consideration rainfall amount. If there is heavy rainfall, we reserve the right to cancel as it will be unsafe to use.

You will be responsible to pay for all repairs and transport costs associated with repairs to the jumping castle.

Payment, Cancellation, Other

Payment can be made online, over the phone or cash on the day of your booking.

There is a $100 bond with each booking. This is a separate payment from your booking amount and will be transferred back into your account up to 5 business days after your booking.

There is a $50 cancellation fee if you don’t notify us at least 3 days before the booking.

All cancellations can be made through contacting our office. After hours cancellations can be made through email to or text to 0452089511. This will be followed up by a confirmation call upon opening hours.

Yes you can, subject to availability. Please let us know 3 days before your booking so we can have those items cleaned and ready for you.



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